The first Teachers

From her contemporary scenes of modern life to her expressionist recreations of  Van Gogh, Anna continues to develop her style through each of her oil paintings. Anna is driven to embrace her natural flow, nurturing it to let it flower of its own accord, simply discovering what it creates. She strives to inject light into every last centimetre of the canvas, playing with the oil colours to achieve the optimum result. Despite an evolving style of painting, a constant feature in Anna’s work is expression via rich colours. Careful selection and considered usage of a vibrant palette is key in capturing light sources and highlighting important elements. By harnessing natural flow, experimenting with different techniques and incorporating rich hues, Anna is able to breathe life into her paintings.

Although it could be considered only a weak attempt to try to reflect and capture the beauty of our surroundings onto canvas, this attempt is certainly worth it. “I would lose a fundamental part of myself if I stopped to paint”, Anna says. What she hopes to achieve through her work is that each painting mirrors the subtlety and deep brilliance of the moment. Her aim is that each canvas captures an idea, revealing a small story to its observer and that storytelling being a unique experience for each viewer. While the subjects of her scenes may vary between people, nature, buildings, cars and streetscapes, it is still possible to effortlessly recognise Anna’s distinctive ‘handwriting’ on each of her canvases.