Oil Canvases by Anna Hopfensberger

As you may know, “every material thing in the world has a beginning and an end."
Strongly impressed by the art works of Vincent Van Gogh, I started with the reproduction of his art works.

I believe that art is much more than a perfectly-painted object. It is more the way in how the artist can transform the usual, daily moments of reality and his surroundings in the most extraordinary way due to his unique perspective.
I want my oil canvases to feel as natural as speaking. To capture daily moments of the regular life that will be mostly overseen by the observer. Most of my works are a confrontation of beauty and absurdity which we face everywhere and every day. I try to avoid the traditional view of beauty in favour of what, I assume, shows us a true and realistic life in the naked truth of those selected moments.

I refer some canvases, also, to the problems of present society. Their fears, unrealised desires, which torture many of us for even our whole lives. To avoid too much tragedy, I tend to use vibrant colours and put those particular moments in a humorous way.
Additionally, I orientate towards the colourful landscapes, still life and portraits.


Reproduction of "The Cafe Terrace on the Place de Forum, Arles, At Night", originally by artist Vincent van Gogh, year 1888.

70.0 X 100.0 Size (cm)

Reproduction of "Fishing boats on the Beach at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer", originally by artist Vincent van Gogh.

60.0 X 80.0 Size (cm)

Untitled, 2009

40.0 X 60.0 Size (cm)

Reproduction of "Noon, Rest From Work", originally by artist Vincent van Gogh.

30.0 X 40.0 Size (cm)

Reproduction of "The Wave", originally by artist I.K. Aiwasowski.

30.0x40.0 Size (cm)

Reproduction of "Sunflowers", originally by artist Vincent van Gogh.

40.0 X 60.0 Size (cm)