"Painting for me is like writing poems on canvas". -

Anna Hopfensberger".

Anna currently lives in Munich and derives much inspiration from this stunning city. She also travels regularly to discover new inspirations. Producing original oil paintings that capture contemporary beauty combined with an essence of daily existence, her abstract landscapes have made her world famous.

She has never attended any school of art, her background is that of an automotive engineer. Self-educated painter, Anna, just took a pencil and oil colours, and started to draw. From a young age she was strongly inspired by such famous painters as I.K. Aiwasowski and later V. van Gogh. They gave a destination of her style of drawing, which one can still see in her current work. Her deep love for painting coming from the heart creates those oil canvases. 
Anna is a commited philanthropist and likes to contribute to charitable causes through her work. The proceeds from sales of her canvases are regularly donated to non-profit organizations such as orphanages in Germany and Eastern Europe.